Liposuction Cost And Price Analysis Guide

liposuction cost

You have decided to undergo liposuction and the liposuction cost is now your main concern. Understanding the costs associated with having liposuction will help you to feel more prepared for your surgery. It will also help you in your search for the right surgeon.

Determining the exact cost of a specific surgery can only be done by speaking with your surgeon, but the average liposuction cost can be estimated by examining a few key factors.

You should consider your financial options and surgical goals before making your decision.Many surgeons offer payment plans or other types of financing options so that you can more easily afford your procedure.

What is the Average Cost of Liposuction?

The average cost of  liposuction  in the United States for one area of the body is $4,000. The liposuction cost increases as more areas of the body are added, but usually a discount is applied for having the multiple surgeries performed at one time.

Having three areas of your body reduced during one surgery can generally range from $6,000 to $8,000. This is only double the cost of having surgery performed on one area. If you need liposuction completed over many different areas of your body, liposuction may cost you as much as $11,000 for five areas at once

The area where the surgery is performed will also affect cost. One of the most common and cheapest liposuction areas is the lower abdomen.

For an average price of just $2,000 to $2,500 for one procedure, liposuction on the lower abdomen can be performed. This can be combined with the upper abdomen in one procedure, for a total average liposuction cost of $3,000 to $7,500.

Other common areas of the body on which liposuction are performed on are:

  • Arms ($1,500 – $5,000)
  • Back ($1,500 – $4,000)
  • Breasts ($3,000 – $7,500)
  • Buttocks ($1,500 – $4,500)
  • Chin and Neck ($2,000 – $4,500)
  • Hips ($1,600 – $5,000)
  • Inner Thighs ($2,000 – $5,000)
  • Outer Thighs ($1,600 – $5,000)


liposuction cost

Main Factors Influencing Your Liposuction Costs

Many factors can influence the cost of liposuction, including the following:

1) The city in which you are having the surgery (and it’s population or size)

2) The number of areas on your body where liposuction will be performed and which area(s) it will be performed on

3) The facility type, whether it be a hospital or a surgical clinic

4) The anesthesiologist’s fee

5) The experience or expertise of the surgeon

6) The type of liposuction you will be having or the technique being used.

Also to Consider….

– Your size can also affect the liposuction cost you pay, as the surgeon may need to spend more time completing the surgery. Anesthesiologist’s fees and facility fees are also usually charged by the hour, with $1,200 to $1,500 per hour being the average cost.

– A small part of your liposuction expenses may be prescriptions and other supplies needed before or after your surgery. These may include antibiotics — to prevent infection, or pain killers for afterwards.

– Medical compression garments to wear after the surgery will also need to be factored into your cost calculations. These items are in a small, fixed price range and will not affect your overall cost very much.

– Generally, gender is not a factor in determining the liposuction costs. Therefore, male liposuction prices are  in the same range as the cost of liposuction for a female .

– On some areas of the body men may have more dense fat, such as the outer thighs or the breasts. This can affect men’s liposuction prices , but only if the procedure has a longer estimated time.

-The city in which the surgery is performed will greatly influence cost, as demands for liposuction are higher in more populous areas. Beverly Hills in Los AngelesSan Fransciso, Miami, Scottsdale, Tucson, Richmond, Salt Lake City, St. Louis, Atlanta, and Rochester are the cities where the most cosmetic surgery is performed.

-Surgeons who operate in these and other large cities like NYC, Orlando, Tampa, Denver and Houston perform more procedures per year. This is because of a growing demand for cosmetic procedures. Often, notable surgeons generally reside where they can get the most business and have the most clients.

– Therefore, these types of surgeons will advertise their expertise and satisfaction rates of customers. You will pay more for these surgeons to operate on you, as they have a good reputation and large client-base.

-The type of facility at which the operation is to take place will greatly influence cost as well. Hospitals will generally cost more than surgical clinics. You will have to decide what procedure setting is more appropriate for you, when determining the costs of your liposuction procedures.

Tips To Lower Your Liposuction Prices

There are a few different methods to saving money when considering liposuction. In general, make sure to meet with various surgeons to discuss your options and get quotes.

Understand that surgeons who charge less are not necessarily less skilled and surgeons who charge more are not necessarily more skilled. Ask the surgeons about their expertise and read patient reviews.

Visit a surgeon in a smaller clinic or facility to see if there is a price reduction. You may also be able to refer a friend to the surgeon for a discount on your surgery. This option may work well if you have already had a procedure done by the surgeon.

Also you may want to discuss other cosmetic options beyond liposuction. Having these surgeries during the same operation will save you money. This option will also allow an overlap of recovery time.

Non-Surgical Liposuction Options

The factors influencing liposuction cost are slightly different when considering non-surgical methods of liposuction. There may not be an anesthesiologist’s fee, since non-surgical liposuction is generally performed while you are awake. Using this type of cutting edge technology will cost you extra though.

Overall, opting to go with a non-surgical method of liposuction, such as laser liposuction, may increase costs. The benefits to this type of liposuction are that recovery time and chances of scarring are greatly reduced. For procedures such as Smart Lipo, benefits may also include tightening of the skin tissue where fat was previously stored.

These liposuction alternatives can save you time, but will cost you more.

In Conclusion

Now that you have a better understanding of the costs associated with having liposuction surgery, you can plan your procedure with confidence. The costs provided here are only for your guidance and do not reflect actual costs that you may incur.

Always schedule a consultation with a reputed surgeon in your area to get a more exact estimate of the costs of your liposuction procedure.

If the liposuction estimates you get are unfavorable in your area, consider a neighboring area where the costs are more affordable. You could also consider discussing financing options with your surgeon if they are open to it.

If you plan and budget your liposuction cost properly, there will be fewer financial worries for you and you can look forward to a pleasant procedure and quick recovery.

DISCLAIMER: This article is for your guidance only. Always consult with your Doctor or a Specialist on everything.