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We are an established and high ranking website on for all about liposuction costs and procedures. Vital Site Stats 


  • We are #10 for “liposuction cost” the most searched liposuction keyword online.
  • 80% of site visitors are from USA and from FREE major search engine listing results.
  • Over 46,000 monthly impressions-number of times the site appeared in Google search results
  • Search engine visibility for over 1,765 liposuction keywords.
  • Visitors average of 1.4 pages or more per visit
  • Visitors spend average of 2 minutes per visit per page
  • is viewable from any smartphone or computer tablet
  • Nearly 45% of our visitors are coming via mobile and tablet devices.


About The Visitors


New and returning visitors to are looking for information and guidance on liposuction, their costs and to find out about surgeons and practices in their area. A large number might be coming from your practice area or searching for your services,so we thought you’d want the chance for your practice or service to be seen by them!


Site Advertising Options


Depending on your goals, we have listed below a few of the straight forward options for your inclusion on the site.


1) Buy Ad Space per page/entire site for 30 days 


You can choose any page/pages on our site or leave it to us.Your practice logo, business or product image will be linked directly to your practice/ business website.

CURRENT AVAILABILITY- TWO 125×125 Top of Right Sidebar STATIC Ad Slots per page on a first come first serve basis.Rates will be per ad slot per page. There is also the costlier option of advertising in these ad slots on every page on the entire site.


2) Text Link Ad per page/entire Site for 30 days


Underneath the 125×125 banners on the sidebars, there is 1 text link slot available.


A catchy headline can attract ad clicks.


CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE-This option is super cheap and available per page per one advertisers on a first come first serve basis and are currently STATIC AD SLOTS only 


3) Sponsored Blog Post


CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE-Ultimate option is the sponsored paid blog post on our site- A one-time option for a post about your service or practice if your business satisfies our editorial and quality standards. More details available upon request






If you have any questions about advertising on the site, please read below before getting in touch.

How Does It Work?


1)  Pay the advertising fee upfront using Paypal


2)  Upon receipt of the payment, we will contact you by email so that you can send us your practice logo/image and the link to your website to use.


3) The ad will be set up on within 3 working days. Your logo will appear for 30 days.


What Can I Advertise?


You can advertise anything you like within reason as long as it is relevant to the topics of the site and it benefits the audience. We reserve the right to reject and refund any advertiser.

Can I Use Affiliate Links?


Yes feel free to submit banners for products using your affiliate links!

How Many Banners Are In Rotation?


This is dependant on the ad zone currently available. Please see the ad zone currently available for more details.




Your logo or text ads will be seen by the increasing number of new and free visitors to our site everyday that are from your local area and who are in the ‘buying mode’ – this means that they’re in the market for getting liposuction procedures done and they just need to find someone to do it for them!


Choosing to advertise on is a simple and risk-free way for you to connect with your future customers!


If you’re interested in any of the above options and for advertising rates or to discuss other customized options, please provide more information about your site, product, etc. and we will get back to you ASAP.


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