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Body Contouring Cost and Factors

body contouring cost

Body contouring surgery defines a broader field of plastic cosmetic surgery that corrects the problem of excess far and/or skin. This surgery is undertaken on regular weight patients, previously overweight patients who have shed a significant amount of bodyweight and those patients who have lost a drastic amount of weight following bariatric surgery.

The body contouring cost is often a consideration in this type of elective surgery and is therefore  most commonly performed on  post- bariatric surgery weight loss patients to get rid of this their excess skin. In the case of weight loss resulting from bariatric surgery, when 100 pounds or more body weight has been shed, there is a lot of excess skin that is left behind. This excessive loose skin is often embarrassing to the patient and they tend to feel like the visible results of their successful bariatric surgery isn’t apparent enough to be appreciated by them and others around them. Exercising or cosmetic skin tightening creams won’t tighten them and nothing besides surgery can help. In cases like these, body contouring is often recommended to help further enhance the body shape and highlight the natural contours of the body following weight loss.


Stages Involved In Body Countouring

Since drastic and often massive weight loss leads to patients requiring multiple surgical treatments to rid the unwanted skin throughout their body, it is not viable nor medically advisable to undertake all these procedures in one go.

·         Usually, panniculectomy (the removal of excessive skin and fat from the abdominal area) or lower body part lifts are carried out in the first stage.

·         In the next step and if required, breast reducing treatments are combined with brachioplasty (arm) or medical lifts in the thigh area.

·         Any remaining body contouring can be performed in the third step.

·         In case there is any worrying amount of excess and loose facial skin, facelifts and related procedures are performed in the last stage.

In most straightforward cases, after allowing for fill recovery, the total duration between the completion of the first and last stages is around 3-6 months, depending on the financial circumstances of the patient. Any scarring from the contouring surgery will be take upto 12 months to fully heal. The most important factor impacting the duration of the procedure, recovery and permanence of the successful surgical results in the weight fluctuations that can occur in post bariatric surgery patients. If these patients are able to sustain their weight loss, the resultant benefits will be long lasting.


Average Costs

Most body contouring cost calculations are based on a number of factors and can vary widely. Most common factors affecting the costs incurred are:

1.      The multiple procedures used

2.      Your geographic location and the location of your chosen surgeon and facility

3.      Credentials of the surgeon


Typical costs of a body contouring procedure can include:

  • Fees of your chosen surgeon
  • Clinic, hospital or facility expenses
  • Cost of Anesthesia
  • Medical prescription costs
  • Post surgical clothing
  • Recovery costs and additional medical testing costs


Most body contouring surgical treatments do not come cheap with a standard full body lift costing around $30,000. Arm contouring surgery can start from $8,000, whereas inner thigh medical lifts are priced around $10,000 for the pair. A upper back surgical lift and breast lift will cost you around $15,000 and a face or neck lift can increase your final bill by another $15,000. Since most health insurance don’t cover these huge expenses which buy you a brand new car, most reputable surgeons use finance companies to assist the patient in pay for their body contouring cost through attractive payment options.

Ultimately, your satisfaction depends on you, the discerning patient to decide on the procedures for you, to choose the right surgeon and facility to carry out the surgery and finally to work out how much you can pay and how to pay for it.

DISCLAIMER: This article is for your basic guidance only. Always consult with your Doctor or a Specialist on everything.