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All about Cool Lipo

cool lipo


Cool Lipo is a laser assisted liposuction procedure, which uses laser waves to break down lipid cells (fat cells) that can then be easily removed from the target areas. The commonly treated areas with cool liposuction are the jowls, chin, neck and other regions of the body that are prone to loose skin like underarm. The CoolLipo ® laser system is one of the safest systems available today and user a 1320 laser wavelength to eliminate any unwanted side effects.

This unique wavelength has a dual benefit in diminishing collagen as well as tightening the skin, unlike standard forms of liposuction. The FDA approved the cool lipo system in January 2008 for its use in dermatological surgical treatments.

How Cool Lipo Works?

The CoolLipo ® procedure is performed by a certified physician who works with laser fibre cannnulus to send  a laser light to the under part of the skin. What this does is to locally target the concerned areas and facilitate fatty cell removal. The laser light source breaks down the unwanted fat cells which can be easily removed. Since the laser can be set to variable levels, the physician is easily able to target multiple skin layers, leading to tissue shrinkage and concurrent skin tightening as well. This leads to stimulation and renewed production of collagen that tightens the skin. This visible tightening of the skin can carry on for months after the procedure. As local anesthesia is used instead of general anesthesia, there is minimum trauma. Swelling, bruising and other typical side effects.

Due to the skin tightening function of cool lipo, this treatment is ideal for anyone has no fat in the targeted area and only wants their skin tightened.  The loose skin on the tricep and biceps (arm area), stomach, neck and jawline, inner thighs and buttock droop are perfect body areas that respond the best to this process. An arm liposuction or face liposuction or other laser lipo processes cannot produce comparable results.


Benefits and Side Effects

Only a physician can fully assess if you qualify for the procedure though candidates with normal body weight who find it hard to shift stubborn fat in certain areas in spite of regular dieting and exercising are perfectly suited to benefit from this process.



·         The procedure typically only last from 1 to 3 hours and can be done at the physician’s office.

·         Usually one treatment is necessary.

·         The areas that this treatment can cover is much more extensive that traditional laser liposuction.

·         Although recovery time depends on each individual case, return to normal activities the next day is not uncommon.

·         Much less invasive that neck lifts or face lifts

·         Results are almost immediately visible but optimal results can take up to 6 months.

·         Usually no stitches are required and since the laser causes the blood to clot or coagulate, there is no bleeding. Scaring is also limited.

Possible Side Effects

The possibility of any side effects to CoolLipo is differs from patient to patient and in varying degrees. If there is any swelling or bruising, it will be minimal in most cases but can be more extensive in some patients depending on their physical health, medical histories and the area being treated.

Always consult with your physician about the possible side effects in your case and be fully informed before agreeing to the treatment.


Typically Cool Lipo can costs range from $2000-$8000 and this variation in costs is due to factors like your location and the physicians location, the reputation and standing of the surgeon, number of areas targeted etc.

Before proceeding with the procedure, make certain that you understand the process and its benefits and possible side effects. With regard to costs, get the quoted offered in writing so that you have a record of the charges involved and you are not surprised with any last minute or hidden charges. By proceeding wisely and choosing carefully, you can make sure that you get a highly satisfactory service and outstanding results.

DISCLAIMER: This article is for your basic guidance only. Always consult with your Doctor or a Specialist on everything.