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Cost of Tummy Tuck Simplified and the Procedure Explained

cost of a tummy tuck

If you are considering a tummy tuck, a cosmetic surgery to make the stomach tighter, it is always important to weigh the cost of tummy tuck procedures. Like any surgery, the cost of the procedure depends on a variety of factors, including how long you are in the hospital, anesthesia, surgeon’s fees, and any medications needed among others.

The costs of a tummy tuck like the cost of any liposcution procedure can be a major obstacle, but the procedure can make a difference in your life by getting rid of unnecessary skin and fat in the abdominal area. If you are willing to go through with the procedure and can handle the costs, a tummy tuck can make your body look and feel great.

What are Tummy Tucks?

A tummy tuck, also known by the medical term abdominoplasty, is a procedure to tighten the lower abdomen by removing excessive skin and fat. The procedure is designed to strengthen and bring together abdominal muscles that will be smoother and firmer. All of us strive to have a stomach that is well-toned and looking nice.

However, sometimes diet and exercise is not enough to have a sexy stomach.Tummy tucks can get you the results you want in a relatively short period of time, although they are not substitutes for eating healthy and getting exercise on a regular basis.

Tummy tucks are ideal for people with loose or sagging skin in the lower abdomen. The procedures are popular with women who have been pregnant, people who have had a significant amount of weight loss, older people with looser skin, people who have inherited baggy skin, or those who have drooping skin because of prior surgeries.

Abdominoplasty is a good choice if you are healthy and physically able to handle the surgery, you maintain a relatively stable weight, and do not smoke. Patients must be also willing to expose themselves to the risk of the procedure, since all surgeries come with some inherit risks. It is also important to keep in mind the cost of tummy tuck procedures.

Factors Affecting Cost

The cost of having a tummy tuck done depends on a large number of factors. The factors that determine the cost can include:

  • Your plastic surgeon’s fees
  • The costs associated with your stay in the hospital to recover
  • Facilities fees
  • Anesthesia costs
  • Costs for post-operative medication
  • How extensive the surgery is
  • If the surgery is combined with other procedures
  • The geographical location where your surgeon practices
  • The training and skill of your plastic surgeon

The Average Cost of Tummy Tuck Procedures

  • Overall, the average surgeon’s fee for a tummy tuck is about $5,000 across the United States. The price may be more or less depending on the experience and skill of your surgeon and how much your surgeon is in demand and on the state in which you are getting the procedure done.
  • In the North Western states of USA for example the costs range somewhere between $6,000 and $10,000. The same tummy tucks tend to cost more in the richer parts of the country like Arizona, Southern California or Hawaii.
  • However, if you travel to the South Americas to have the procedure done, the costs drop to around $5,000.
  • If you tummy tuck includes other procedures like breast augmentation or abdominal etching, the cost will obviously be more and amount to something in the region of $10,000-$12,000. In addition to the surgery and recovery time in the hospital, some of the additional costs may include things like preoperative tests and compression garments to minimize pain and discomfort.
  • In summary the whole procedure and recovery costs can cost you anywhere from $6,000 to $20,000 in total.
  • Mini tummy tucks can also be an option for suitable patients and their costs are much lower that the full costs of a tummy tuck.

    cost of tummy tuck

Since is the procedure is typically an elective cosmetic surgery, most health insurances will not cover the procedure and the associated costs. When you looking for a plastic surgeon, be sure to ask for an estimate of the costs for it so you can take that into consideration.

In addition, several plastic surgeons offer financing plans so that you can make payments on a regular basis in order to afford the costs. Be sure to talk about financing options that fit your budget with your plastic surgeon as well. Although the cost of a tummy tuck can be overwhelming, it does not have to be a major obstacle.

Risks Associated with Tummy Tucks

Like any major surgeries, tummy tucks have some risks. These risks can require the need for other medical procedures adding to the overall cost. Risks associated with tummy tucks include nerve damage, blood clots, numbness or changes in the sensation of the skin, prolonged swelling, inflection, bleeding, deep vein thrombosis, heart or lung complications, unpleasant scarring, persistent pain, skin discoloration, and risks associated with being under anesthesia.

Tummy tucks can be performed in-hospital or as outpatient procedures. If you do opt for an outpatient procedure, it is important to have someone who can watch over you for the first day or two. The risks of tummy tucks can lead to further medical procedures you did not plan for.

One of the biggest risks in undergoing a tummy tuck is having the procedure again or having to have revised surgery. This is might happen if you have significant variations in your weight. Over time, this weight fluctuation can diminish the positive benefits of having a tummy tuck done. People who want to lose more weight or women who are considering more pregnancies are advised to delay any planned postpone tummy tuck procedures.

On the other hand, some studies suggest that tummy tucks may actually help people lose weight. It is important to talk with your plastic surgeon about the risks for the procedure and if you are a good candidate. Also you could consider other less invasive or non-surgical procedures to achieve the goals you are after!


Tummy tucks are cosmetic procedures that make the stomach firmer, smoother, and well-toned. They are nice for people who struggle with lose skin and excess fat around the lower abdomen including women who have been pregnant, people who have lost weight, and others. However, tummy tuck procedures have significant costs. The costs vary widely depending on a variety of factors and your circumstances. Complications of having a tummy tuck done can also lead to higher costs.

Plus, tummy tucks are considered elective surgeries so health insurance companies will not likely cover the costs. On the other hand, many plastic surgeons have financing options so that you can make payments according to your budget. If you want a flat, firm, well-looking stomach, the cost of tummy tuck procedures might be worth it.

DISCLAIMER: This article is for your guidance only. Always consult with your Doctor or a Specialist on everything.