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Info on Knee Liposuction

knee liposuction

What is Knee Liposuction?

If you been told you have old knees or if you have been bothered by fatty knees or thighs, then you have a large amount of fat deposited in your knees or thighs, causing the legs to become pear shaped. Often called saddlebags, the excess fat on the outer thighs cause tightly fitted clothing to appear as if they are tearing into you. Similarly, extra fat on the inner thighs cause them to rub together often causing rashes and other discomforts. The causes of fat laded knees, especially in women is often linked to hormonal changes in your body caused by pregnancy or when reaching menopause. Another reason could be because knees and thighs contain a large amount of insulin receptors and more the number of receptors, the greater the fat storing capacity.

The best way to try and fix this is through exercise, however there are invasive procedures like knee liposuction that can reverse and also speed up the attainment of the desired results.

How It Works

Since the skin on the thighs and the knee area are usually thin, surgeons advocate laser liposuction as an effective procedure to deal with the problem areas on the thighs and knees. Unlike traditional liposuction, knee liposuction uses the laser liposuction process to suck out the fat and also transmit a light wave of laser onto the skin layer wake up the collagen producing cells and encourage them to tighten the skin over the problem region.

Another way to rid the knees of the unwanted fat is with liposuction through a tiny incision around the knee or groin region. This treatment also simultaneously rectifies extra fat in the thighs and greatly reduces any excessive swelling or scarring. When it comes to the knees lipo, it acts more as a body contouring procedure more than anything else.

Ideal Candidates

The best candidates for the liposuction of the knee are those whose knees tend to rub harshly when they walk or move in general. But patients with sun damaged skin or bumpy knees caused by arthritis typically have less than satisfactory results with these treatments. Like the costs of other liposuction processes, the average cost of a knee liposuction undergone under local anesthesia is high and is around $3000-$5000.  So consult your surgeon and make sure you qualify as the right candidate.

Recovery and Results

Once you have undergone the liposuction of the knee, you will be advised by your surgeon to follow a certain steps than are individually uniquely designed for the patients full and complete recovery in mind.

Some general recovery tips you can expect are:

1.      Bed rest accompanied by legs raised on a pillow for the first few days post surgery to reduce any swelling.

2.      Use a walking stick or maybe even a wheelchair when moving around- to reduce the stress on the operated knees

3.      Timely bandage change and regular cleaning of the affected areas.

4.      Improve blood flow to the knees by light massages for a few minutes.

5.      Wearing compression socks and clothing for additional support during recovery

Liposuctions around the knees tend to be highly successful and effectual in these patients and are reported to have the highest satisfaction rates among patients of liposuction treatments.

Possible Side Effects

As in the case of any other type of liposuction, knee lipo treatments have certain side effects and probable risks with it. Some of the commonly reported side effects include

·         Pain and swelling of the knees, bruising and associated tissue trauma

·         Stiffness in the knees for the first few weeks after surgery

·         The is a small likelihood of unevenly shaped knees

Before deciding on and undergoing knee liposuction, have a face to face consultation with a certified and reputed expert plastic surgeon. Discuss your requirements and motivations for undertaking this procedure with them and let them make the final recommendations. Avoid choosing a surgeon or clinic based just on cheap price. Choose wisely based on sensible logi because your health, safety and satisfaction is paramount.

 DISCLAIMER: This article is for your basic guidance only. Always consult with your Doctor or a Specialist on everything.