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Can Leg Liposuction Get You Into the Clothes That You Want to Wear?

leg liposuction

A lot of people wonder if leg liposuction can get them the look that they want, especially when summer is right around the corner. Because everyone wants to put on fun clothes that show off their best features.

Unfortunately, many hold back from wearing those beautiful summer clothes because they’re embarrassed about their looks. Some of the main culprits are the legs and ankles.

This isn’t always related to being unable to lose weight. Very often patients who undergo this procedure have tried everything to lose weight in their legs and ankles, but haven’t been able to.

Sadly, we can’t control where we lose weight and our body fights to hang on to weight certain areas.Fortunately, liposuction can target and remove fat from your legs. Let’s see how this works.


What is Leg Liposuction ?

All liposuction is based on the same basic procedure: small incisions are made to the targeted areas, lasers can be used to “melt” fat and a suction device removes the fat. These procedures have advanced greatly over the years and are safer than ever.

Leg liposuction uses this same basic principle and is best done through Smart Lipo or Slim Lipo. These two techniques take advantage of lasers to “melt” existing fat, making removal less traumatic and recovery shorter.

One peculiarity of performing liposuction on the legs is something called the “open drainage technique”. This technique involves leaving very small openings in the skin (usually 1 to 1.5 mm) to allow any liquid to drain.

Through this technique patients will see reduced swelling and a much shorter recovery time. If at all possible find a doctor familiar with this technique and ask if it’s right for you.


Leg Liposuction Vs Thigh Liposuction

– Leg liposuction and thigh liposuction are commonly confused because people assume that the leg and thigh are the same thing. But, cosmetic surgeons make a distinction between the two body parts.

– Why is this? Mainly, because fat around the legs and ankles is superficial and easily removed with minimal risk of complications or displeasing aesthetics.

– Whereas, thigh fat can be more difficult to remove due to large nerve groups and blood vessels. Also, the natural shape of your thighs’ bones and muscles can make it difficult to achieve aesthetically pleasing results from the procedure.

– If you are interested in receiving both types of liposuction, consult your doctor. Many patients are able to receive both procedures to achieve their overall desired look. But, remember that the procedures will most likely need to be performed in two separate surgical interventions. So, expect a higher price tag and longer recovery time.


leg liposuction


Risks and Recovery Time

The risks associated with leg liposuction are minimal. As we’ve already seen, fat around the legs and ankles is mostly superficial and presents a low risk for complications. Nevertheless, you should keep a few things in mind before undergoing any procedure on your ankles or legs.

– First, keep in mind that the back of the knees is off limits for this procedures. Why is that? Because the back of your knees are full of nerves and blood vessels and attempting liposuction in this area can cause severe damage.

– The second consideration is that excessive liposuction can have a very negative effect aesthetically and increase your risk for complications. If you have questions on these factors consult your doctor.

– Recovery from this procedure is generally very short. Most surgeons use an “open drainage technique” to minimize initial swelling and bruising. Using this technique in conjunction with frequent walking will ensure a quick recovery.

– Most patients can return to normal activities within a few days of undergoing the procedure and will see 90% of their swelling disappear within four weeks. Walking will aid recovery and your body’s ability to remove excess liquid. For best results follow your doctor’s directions to the letter and consult with them regarding any side effects.


Reviews and Results

Calf and liposuction of the ankles have received very positive reviews from patients.

Many see exactly the results that they expected, while others see improvement, but not as much as they hoped for. This normally has to do with the shape of your bones and muscles, and not with the amount of fat your legs have.Your doctor can give you a better idea of exactly the results that you can expect.

Although recovery time from liposuction procedures is much shorter than in the past, many patients take a while to recover from liposuction of the legs.

– Common complaints include not being able to perform vigorous exercise or wear heels for a few weeks.

– Others say that they were unable to perform many normal activities for the first week without someone to help them. But, overall patients seem satisfied with their recovery from the procedure.


Average Costs

Liposuction costs vary greatly, so it’s best to consult with a few cosmetic surgery practices before settling on one.

Some factors that will affect the cost include:

1) geographic location

2) size of the patient

3) number of procedures

4) lab tests, surgery fees and office fees.

Make sure to get all inclusive prices when doing your comparison shopping and remember that the cheapest option isn’t necessarily the best option. A botched liposuction procedure can cost a lot to fix, so make sure that you trust your doctor.

In general, you can expect the cost of having liposuction on your leg to range between $2,500 and $5,000. Obviously, if you want liposuction done on your thighs as well, this price will increase. To get a better idea of how much it will cost you to get your desired look, set up appointments with a few practices in your area.


Put on the outfit of your dreams and look great in it!

Your legs don’t have to mess up your wardrobe choices any more. Thanks to liposuction there’s a safe reliable way to remove fat in these trouble areas and start enjoying a beautiful new look. Consult with your doctor today and see if leg liposuction is right for you!


DISCLAIMER: This article is for your basic guidance only. Always consult with your Doctor or a Specialist on everything