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Liposculpture Cost Guide

liposculpture cost

Liposuction is a procedure that gets rid of undesirable body fat. There are several ways in which liposuction can achieve the removal on unwanted fat: the three main ones are through ultrasound, through laser and with the help of power assisted liposuctions. At the same time, liposculpting is basically the targeted removal of body fat from the parts of the body that the client prefers, in such a way that the natural body shape and contours are highlighted.

Think of the six pack abs in a man- by getting rid of the unwanted abdominal fat between the six pack muscles and leaving the fat above the six pack intact, the client’s abs can give the impressions of a stronger looking  and well defined musculature.

Since liposculpture can be a very costly procedure and since prices can vary significantly depending on many factors, here is a comprehensive liposculpture cost guide to help you budget the costs.

Factors Affecting Liposculpture Costs

The average liposculpture costs are calculated based on various factors like:

·         the amount of fat being removed

·         the body part being sculpted

·         the reputation and experience of the surgeon

·         whether the surgeon prefers the wet, super wet, ultrasound or tumescent technique

·         the location where the procedure is done

·         anesthesia type used

·         If alternative procedures like facelifts, tummy tucks etc are required

Liposculpture is usually more expensive than liposuction and the recovery period is generally quicker with minimal bruising and swelling that is typically associated with liposuction.


Average Prices for Top and Cheapest Body Areas

Liposculpture is usually offered to a client for one body area at a time and although people tend to look for cheap alternatives, it is always recommended to go to a certified, fully qualified and experienced surgeon to get the procedure done.

Based on extensive research done online, here is a compiled list of the most expensive and the least expensive liposculpture cost by body area:

The Most Expensive by Body Area

1.      Love Handles and Full Abdomen –$4,300

2.      Full Abdomen, Love Handles & Hips –$5,500

3.      Full Knees and Thighs (Outer, Inner & Tops) –$7,300

4.      Ankles and Calves –$4,200

5.      Outer & Inner Thighs & Knees –$4,500

The Least Expensive by Body Area

1.      Armpit Rolls –$1,800

2.      Banana Roll –$1,700

3.      Knees –$1,900

4.      Pubic –$2,100

Nowadays, many people prefer to go abroad to have the operation done to save on costs. If you are considering getting the procedure abroad, make sure you do your research properly and look for quality care, consider all the factors involved and budget for extra liposculpting costs like flights, hotel stay and delayed recovery times.

Closer to home, many clinics and reputable surgeons offering attractive financing options and buy now pay later deals. As usual, understand clearly how much you will be paying and what you will be getting. This way you can easily plan, afford and enjoy all the benefits that liposculpting has to offer.

 DISCLAIMER: This article is for your guidance only. Always consult with your Doctor or a Specialist on everything.