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Where to Go For Liposuction in Denver

Liposuction for the people of Denver is an increasingly popular surgery for those looking to improve their body shape and remove unwanted areas of fat. Liposuction is attractive to many because it’s considered a very safe and easy procedure that yields quick results that you’d otherwise have to achieve through hard work at the gym, and even then some stubborn fat can still reside.

There are excellent surgeons to choose from in the Denver area for liposuction, here we have detailed the top three, each with different styles or practices so you can see which one is best suited to you.

Perhaps you want a tranquil, zen like spa experience, or maybe a professional hospital, clinical type environment, or someone you can contact any time?


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1) John A. Millard, Millard Plastic Surgery

Doctor Millard is well known throughout the Denver area as an excellent plastic surgeon who offers a range of liposuction procedures. Let’s take a look at what he offers:

➔ Lipo Sculpture – This is the traditional method of liposuction that you can find in most metropolitan areas, however the available liposuction in Denver with Millard Plastic Surgery is one you can have confidence in, with it being safe, professional and yielding good results.

If you’re wondering how traditional liposuction works and how much it costs, put simply it’s like this; the target area is injected with a saline and anaesthetic solution (this also prevents bruising after the procedure), and then a small tube is inserted to dislodge the fat and suction it out through the tube.

Smartlipo – This is an alternative to the standard liposuction procedure, with smartlipo fatty deposits are liquefied using a specialized calibrated laser, which is placed at the end of a tube referred to in the industry as a “cannula”.

The “cannula” is inserted into the skin, and the laser targets areas of fat, liquefying them, and then pulling the fat through the tube.

➔ Tummy Tuck – While this isn’t the same as the other two liposuction procedures in that it’s technically not liposuction, it involves not suction of the fat as the definition would suggest, however, it does yield the same results.

During a tummy, an incision is made to the tummy, generally at the space between the hipbones, the abdominal muscles are tightened, and any excess skin or fat can then be removed.


Based on surveys done by patients who have worked with Doctor Millard, here is some information you may be interested to know. Cleanliness, comfort, office environment, staff friendliness and ease of scheduling appointments were all rated above the national average. The total waiting time was under 10 minutes, which is shorter than the national average and patients reported a high level of trust in the service.


Contact Details:


Millard Plastic Surgery Center

Yosemite Street Office

9777 S. Yosemite Street

Phone(303) 792 5665




2) La Fontaine Aesthetics

If you’re looking for more of a relaxed and tranquil atmosphere while you’re being nipped and tucked, then this is place for you. La Fontaine Aesthetics is also a spa and has a beautiful and relaxing mood and ambiance, but that’s not to say the medical procedures they perform aren’t very high quality.

This company is very well reviewed on several sites, mostly scoring between 4.7-5/5, so you can be sure you’re getting good quality service at reasonable prices.

Here we will just sum of some of the main positives customers found from visiting La Fontaine so you can get a better feel for the service.

➔ Realistic and conservative approach to the treatments, so you know exactly what to expect and feel confident going ahead.

➔ Calm, zen environment

➔ Promotional offers

➔ Friendly and professional staff, particularly Dr Ken Oleszek, it seems no one has a bad word to say about him, he has been described as having a professional and calming presence and talks you through all the ins and outs of the surgery.

➔ Short waiting time, generally 15-20 minutes, but can be up to half an hour, so while this is slightly longer than Millard Plastic Surgery, it is still around the national average, and possibly a little quicker.

As you can see, this is another excellent liposuction Denver service.


Contact Details:


2774 East 2nd Avenue

Denver, Colorado 80206

Phone: 303-355-4772 (4SPA)



3) Dr Linda Huang

Dr Huang is well reviewed online, and also has a frequent online presence so she’s very easy to communicate with even outside office hours, and often thanks customers personally online for their reviews and addresses any negatives they brought up, although there are few.

She offers a range of surgeries other than liposuction and they are positively reviewed across the board.  Her surgeries (including liposuction) are explained extensively and in full detail on her website, and are also talked through in person during an informative, friendly and professional consultation so you really know what you are committing to.

Some of the main positives brought up by reviewers are:


➔ Friendly and welcoming staff

➔ Professional atmosphere

➔  Thorough communication before and after surgery, even calling during bank holiday to check all is well and there are no issues.

➔ The waiting time is 10-15 minutes which is slightly faster than the national average, however only by a few minutes

➔ Cleanliness, comfort, office environment, staff friendliness and ease of scheduling appointments were all rated above the national average.

➔  Patients trust in her was rated 4.5/5


Contact Details:


1601 E. 19th Ave., Suite 3150

Denver, CO 80218

Phone: 303-831-8400



Average Liposuction Costs in Denver

The average cost of liposuction in Denver is around $5,500, this is around a few hundred dollars more than in some surrounding states, however the quality in Denver is very high, and there a high number of qualified and experienced surgeons to visit.

While liposuction is a simple procedure, there are a lot of components at play; generally it is done under general rather than local anaesthetic, while requires the presence of an anaesthesiologist. The area of liposuction can also affect the price, whether you want tummy, buttocks, thighs or so on, generally speaking, the more fat, the higher the price.

Whatever you’re looking for  in relation to liposuction in Denver, the three Denver Liposuction specialists we have reviewed probably have it, and maybe even a little something more, so don’t waste any more time if you’re thinking of banishing those pesky, unwanted fatty areas.


DISCLAIMER: This article is for your basic guidance only. Always consult with your Doctor or a Specialist on everything.