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Check Out The Best In Liposuction In Montgomery, Alabama

liposuction montgomery

Finding the perfect clinic for liposuction in Montgomery is an important process for those interested in the best procedure. Just like in the other major American cities such as Austin, Philadelphia or New Jersey, you will find that there are many quality clinics available in the Montgomery area and service for each of these is phenomenal. When you are looking for a doctor, you should look for one that offers the care and expertise that you deserve and the attention that you require to get you through the process safely and healthy. It is also important that you look into the history and review ratings of the clinics and doctors that you are considering.

1)Plastic Surgery Associates of Montgomery


This center is the largest practice of its kind in Alabama. Each of the surgeons are board certified and contain a combined 50 years of experience in the field or plastic surgery. One of the most important things to the surgeons is understanding the needs of their clients, and they realize that everyone’s needs will be different. Because of this, they specialize in listening to their clients and learning more about the specific needs that should be addressed with each individual.


On your first visit, you can enjoy the time that the doctors and staff take to get to know you better. They will walk you through the process and introduce you to their team of experts in order to make you feel as comfortable as possible.


When it does come time to complete your procedure, you will have the added benefit of it being performed in a state of the art facility with a private surgical center. This will allow you to have the procedure completed in a place that you are both comfortable and familiar. With this facility you can expect the best care and results possible from a team of dedicated and experienced surgeons.


Contact Information:

6727 Taylor Court

Montgomery, AL 36117

Phone: (334) 284-2800


2) Symmetry Med Spa


At Symmetry Med Spa, you will have the benefit of a state of the art procedure called Body-Jet Liposuction. This procedure, which is practiced at this facility, is a brand new way to help those who are in need of liposuction. This is a great method for those looking to recover quickly without many of the side effects that are typically thought of with a liposuction procedure.


Body-Jet liposuction is a very gentle process and has been shown to be faster and cause less bruising and swelling than other methods. It is recommended for anyone who is in good health and who is no more than 25 pounds overweight.


The Mission of the facility is to better the quality of life for those in the Montgomery area. Here, you can expect to be treated with sincerity, respect and compassion by a team that truly listens to your needs, provides fantastic service and is priced affordably. The staff understands that you deserve to be treated with the utmost respect and confidentiality and you are provided this and more when you choose this clinic.


Contact Information:

4705 Woodmere Blvd

Montgomery, AL 36106

Phone: (334) 558-61602623

Fax: (334) 558-02676



3) Michael S Beckenstein


If you are looking for a quality plastic surgeon who services the Montgomery area, Dr. Beckenstein is only a short drive away. One of the main goals of this doctor is to develop a personal and real relationship with each of his patients so that he truly understands the issues that need to be corrected. He is well trained and carries with him the years of experience that you need in order to trust him with the procedures that need to be completed.


Dr. Beckenstein understands that coming to the decision that plastic surgery is the right choice for you is a long process. He understands the thought process that you have been going through to get you to this point and fully respects your time and your concerns. He cares for you in such a way that you become his top priority when you are under his care.


The most important thing to the doctor and his team is completing the procedure properly so that you can receive the results that you are looking for.


Contact Information:

800 Saint Vincents Drive #610

Birmingham, AL 35205

Phone: (205) 933-9308



Average Cost of Liposuction in Montgomery


It is important to keep in mind that liposuction costs vary depending on your specific needs. Everything from the cost of the surgery equipment and location the of the clinic to the size of the treatment area and the length of time required for the surgery will be considered when the final cost is being estimated. However, there are some general numbers that you can expect to see:


  • Abdomen (both upper and lower) – $2880 to $7200
  • Abdomen (lower only) – $1920 to $2208
  • Arms – $1440 to $4800
  • Back (Female) – $1440 to $3840
  • Breasts (Female) – $2880 to $7200
  • Breasts (Male) – $2880 to $4704
  • Butt – $1920 to $4320
  • Face Area (chin/cheeks/jowls/neck) – $1920 to $4416
  • Flanks (Male) – $1920 to $7680
  • Thighs and Knees (Anterior) – $1920 to $4320
  • Hips or Waist – $1536 to $4800
  • Thighs (Outer) – $1536 to $4800


The Montgomery area is a great location to have a liposuction process completed. There are many quality doctors and clinics available to choose from and you will find that the staff at these locations will take care of you from start to finish. Be sure to take the time necessary to learn everything that you need to know about the procedure and the steps that it will take to get your recovery off to the right start.


Final Thoughts


Liposuction in Montgomery is a booming business. You may find that your options are numerous when you are looking for the right doctor. It is best to speak with several of your favorites in order to make a final determination. Usually youare able to see a doctor for an initial observation appointment at no charge. This may be a great option for those looking to compare doctors and to determine exactly what needs to be done in order to get your body looking its best.


DISCLAIMER: This article is for your basic guidance only. Always consult with your Doctor or a Specialist on everything.