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Which Are The Top Practices For Liposuction In Toronto?

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If you are looking for a clinic or doctor performing liposuction in Toronto and the surrounding areas, quality is probably the most important thing to you. Like in American cities like New Orleans, San Francisco or Chicago, there are many options for you to choose from so you will want to conduct thorough research on the ones that you are considering. Be sure to check out the reviews and experiences that other patients have experienced as well as the history of the clinic and doctors. The quality that you receive is extremely important to your overall safety as the procedure is taking place.


1) SpaMedica – Liposuction Toronto


This center is home to the world renowned Dr. Robert Stephen Mulholland, MD, who is internationally known and respected. The goal of this center is to offer the services and science that are needed in the plastic surgery industry, with the feel of a spa-like atmosphere. It was first founded in 1988 and has gone on to become one of the leading skin care centers in Canada. Since 1998, SpaMedica has become known as one of the leading cosmetic plastic surgery authorities in the world.


At SpaMedica, you will experience pioneering technology that is up to date with the best techniques available. They have been said to be one of the best Medical Spas and Cosmetic Surgery Facilities in Toronto and offer a beautiful, soothing and friendly atmosphere. The staff at SpaMedica is devoted to creating a fantastic experience for you and realizes that part of that experience is the safety and quality service that you experience while using their services.


When you choose this center, you will know that only the best technology and latest equipment are being used and that the doctors are well trained and highly experienced. Their friendly staff is waiting to assist you from your initial visit through recovery and beyond.


Contact Information:

66 Avenue Road Suite 4 UPPER LEVEL

Toronto, Ontario M5R 3N8

Phone (877) 915-5168

Fax (416) 922-2026



2) Mississauga Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Clinic


Dr. Michael J Weinberg is both an innovator and an educator in the plastic surgery industry. He revolutionized plastic surgery in the Canadian market and was one of the first doctors to offer the Mommy Makeover, which addresses issues that women have after pregnancy and breastfeeding. He specializes in many aspects of the industry and is known as a writer, a researcher and a teacher of others who are studying this field. He also serves as the Division Head of one of the largest teaching hospitals in Ontario.

When you visit the clinic for the first time, you will be treated to a full consultation so that you are able to have your questions answered and your concerns addressed. The staff will provide you with everything that you need to know regarding the surgery and will help you learn what to expect during the surgery and recovery process. When you are ready to schedule your surgery, the trained staff will help you in getting prepared for the day of the surgery by providing pre-op instructions and guidance.


Contact Information:

66 Avenue Road #1

Toronto, ON M5R 3N8

Phone: (416) 207-9090



3) Rice Cosmetic Surgery


Dr. Sean Rice is well known amongst his peers as a leading authority regarding the management of age. He is a long-time resident of Toronto and earned his degrees at York University and McMaster University. He is the winner of the 2001 Sopman Humanitarian Award and is often called upon to train other surgeons in the cutting-edge techniques that are constantly changing the industry.


Rice Cosmetic Surgery offers a team of experts that can help shape your body the way that you want. With only the latest technology being used by doctors who have the experience required, you will know that you are in good hands when you choose this clinic.


Before your procedure, you can expect a consultation period of around 45 minutes to an hour where you can have all your questions and concerns answered and addressed. Dr. Rice is present through this consultation process and will help guide you through the process that will take place during your procedure.


Contact Information:

1333 Sheppard Ave. East, Suite 345

Toronto, Ontario M2J 1V1

Phone (416) 391-4048 or

Phone (855) DOC-RICE



Average Cost of Liposuction in Toronto


Costs for liposuction vary depending on the area that you live in and the location of your procedure, among other factors. It is difficult to determine an exact amount and you will not be able to receive a quote over the phone. However, most procedures fall in between the following numbers and you will be able to get some more information when you talk to the clinic during your consultation process.


  • Abdomen (both upper and lower) – $3800 to $8700
  • Abdomen (lower only) – $2500 to $5500
  • Arms – $2000 to $5500
  • Back (Female) – $2000 to $4500
  • Breasts (Female) – $3500 to $8000
  • Butt – $2000 to $5000
  • Face Area (chin/cheeks/jowls/neck) – $2500 to $5000
  • Flanks (Male) – $2500 to $5500
  • Thighs and Knees (Anterior) – $2800 to $5800
  • Thighs and Knees (Interior) – $2800 to $5800
  • Hips or Waist – $2100 to $5500
  • Thighs (Outer) – $2100 to $5500
  • Overall Average – $2000 to $10000


In Conclusion


You will find that you have many fantastic liposuction options in the Toronto area and that the care and service that is provided is phenomenal. Each doctor offers a wide range of products and services and will talk through your issues with you. You will have ample time to ask all the questions that you have and will fully understand everything that goes into the procedure and the type of results that you should expect.


Liposuction in Toronto is a very popular option because many of the doctors are well known around the world and are leaders in their industry. They have all received the training that is required to keep you safe and many have excelled so much that they are now called upon to teach other surgeons in the correct way to care for patients. You will not go wrong when choosing a liposuction surgeon in the Toronto area.



 DISCLAIMER: This article is for your basic guidance only. Always consult with your Doctor or a Specialist on everything.