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Info on Micro Liposuction

micro liposuction

Micro Liposuction, also known as MicroLipo is another marginally invasive fat removing procedure. It works as a body shaping treatment that sculpts the body contours in extreme detail and gets rid of any excessive body fat, thus giving the body a well defined tone and muscularity. It was originally created by Dr Jeffery Klein, who wished to accomplish exceptional cosmetic results along with a speedy post-op recovery to carrying out day to day activities.

How Does Micro Liposuction Work?

Like any other tumescent liposuction procedure, micro liposuction also uses  a tumescent fluid. The only difference is that in MicroLipo, the size of the cannulas used to draw out the body fat is much smaller. The tinniest of the cannulas used is 0.9mm wide and the largest is 3mm. This small size prevents excessive scarring and is relatively pain free and the patients can usually return home in a few hours after the treatment.

Patients undergoing this process are usually admitted as out patients and are administered a local anesthetic. The anesthetic is injected along with the tumescent fluid into the treated area and this closes off the blood vessels reducing bleeding. The tiny cannula is then carefully inserted into the little incisions made on the desired body area and the cannula goes to work breaking down the unwanted fat cells. After this happens, the extra fat is sucked out through the incisions. This technique can get rid of up to 3-4 litres of excess fat from the body.


Pros and Cons


  • The treatment can be undertaken on a local anesthetic
  • The procedure is only marginally invasive, thus preventing any damage to neighboring blood vessels
  • Very reduced risk of bruising, swelling and other discomforts.
  • Patients can typically return to their normal lives very quickly, get back to work in around 2 days time and resume exercise in under 7 days.


·         As MicroLipo uses very tiny incisions, there is a higher than normal sensitivity to the areas treated and therefore any damage to the area can become very visible.

·         Since the process uses a tumescent fluid with a local anesthetic , there is a possibility of lidocaine poisoning, if there happens to be a very high concentration of  lidocaine in the fluid.


As with any cosmetic procedure, make the time to consult with a certified and reputed surgeon before choosing to undergo micro liposuction and also discuss the costs involved. Although the treatment is used to target small areas, it does not mean the costs are low. A typical chip or neck liposuction can set you back by around $3000-$4000. Depending on the time of year, you might be able to get promotional deals from your surgeon. Do your research thoroughly and with the help of your surgeon, assess your eligibility and suitability for this procedure and make sure it is right for your needs and wallet.

DISCLAIMER: This article is for your basic guidance only. Always consult with your Doctor or a Specialist on everything.