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Mini Tummy Tucks Cost- How Will My Wallet React?

mini tummy tuck cost

You may well have thought about losing weight and regaining the firmness back on your abdomen for several years, but have you thought about the mini tummy tuck cost this would impose on your wallet? Most people have not got the faintest idea as to the cost of abdominoplasty, the medical term used for this surgical procedure, but even fewer have any idea that tummy tucks can be classic or mini. Your surgeon may recommend a mini tummy tuck, as opposed to the full on classic tummy tuck and this may well prove kinder on your wallet than you might have originally feared.

Adding Up the Numbers

In the US patients can expect to pay an average of $6,100 for a full tummy tuck but if your surgeon decides that maybe you could benefit from a partial tummy tuck, which is a tuck just below the bikini line, then you’ll discover you may save around $2,000. The average costs for a mini tummy cost in the US came to $4,150 and this cost was slashed further still if you opt to use a surgeon only.

mini tummy tuck cost

Finding the Cost but What About Overheads?

If you have seen a generalized cost either via a health newsletter or internet site, you will have to consider that there may be additional cost involved. Primarily these can include:

  • Nurses and Doctor’s time
  • Aftercare costs
  • Time you would need to take off work (usually around 2 weeks)
  • Travel expenses to and from the hospital.

A mini tummy tuck no longer seems as cheap as you may have first believed, particularly when you factor in those extras but there is a method by which you can keep these costs from growing. Ask your surgeon if there are any overhead fees to the general price. Often there is not and the price you see is the one you pay.

So, as you can see the ways in which you can keep costs low and affordable are there. Meeting a tight budget involves getting a friend to help you travel to and from the surgery, asking for your overnight night stay in a less expensive hospital or health trust and if you work, why not book two weeks’ annual leave to prevent being financially penalized? You can keep the worry of the whole procedure of a mini tummy tuck cost at bay by adopting these few simple steps.

DISCLAIMER: This article is for your guidance only. Always consult with your Doctor or a Specialist on everything.