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Neck Liposuction Cost Guide

neck liposuction

Have you heard of the term ‘double chin’ or suffer from it? If you do, it is useful to know that the double chin is really a factor related to the excess fat in the neck area that gives the appearance of an extra or double chin. Since this condition is an excess fat issue, neck liposuction is its most sought remedy. Before determining the neck liposuction cost to you, it is helpful to understand your eligibility for undergoing neck lipo.

Ideal Candidates For Neck Liposuction

While neck liposuction can enhance the beauty of the patient and provide a refreshed youthful look, it isn’t for everyone. Neck liposuction is suitable for people that have:

·         Excess neck skin that is loose

·         Unwanted skin on the neck that is loose but isn’t hanging.

·         If the skin is both hanging and loose, there is an increased chance of skin abnormalities that will require additional facelifts and skin tightening.

By consulting with an experienced, qualified and certified surgeon, the surgeon will be able to thoroughly examine your neck skin and assess its suitability for liposuction.

Average Costs

As with the costs involved in most types of liposuction procedures, most insurance company health plans will not cover this type of elective surgery. If you decide to pay for the procedure yourself, the neck liposuction cost you will incur depends on the following:

1.      Your geographical location. For instance, plastic surgeons in the New England area will charge nearly $600-$700 more than those in the Southern states.

2.      Expertise and reputation of the surgeon. Most practicing plastic surgeons will be able to offer you 0% financing and buy now pay later deals to qualifying patients.

3.      The complexity and amount of neck skin to be removed. The costs of liposuction on both the neck and the jaw line in the US can range between $2000-$4000, which includes clinic and surgeon fees as well as the cost of anesthesia. However, if only the neck area is being treated, the costs are around $2500 which includes all fees and anesthesia costs.


Following successful surgery your surgeon should be able to give you an estimated recovery time and also handle any complications that may arise post treatment. For your peace of mind, check with your surgeon regarding any neck liposuction costs in case of any complications. In hands on expert surgeon and the care of a reputed facility, your neck lipo, recovery and the results should be exceptional

 DISCLAIMER: This article is for your basic guidance only. Always consult with your Doctor or a Specialist on everything.