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Try a Non-Surgical Tummy Tuck to Get Tummy Tightening Without a Surgery

non surgical tummy tuck

Did you know that non-surgical tummy tucks were possible? These safe and simple alternatives are on the rise right now and lots of people are riding the wave. But, are these options right for you? Most people use these alternatives as the last step of their diet and weight loss plan. Others use these options as a way to get their body back after a pregnancy or to breathe new life into their look. Do any of these situations fit your needs? To find out if these alternatives to surgical tummy tucks can work for you let’s learn a little more about them.


What Are The Non-Surgical Tummy Tuck Alternatives?

To see how the alternatives differ, let’s first consider how a traditional tummy tuck is done. The traditional method for tummy tucks is to make small incisions in the stomach through which different  surgical implements can be inserted. Many surgical methods simply involve using suction and reconstructive surgery to remove fat cells and restore the look of your stomach. Other newer methods use a laser to “melt” away fat cells. This method is safer and less traumatic to the body, but still requires incisions to be made.


An alternative to these traditional techniques are sculpting options.


1) One such option is Coolsculpting, which has gained popularity in recent years. It was developed by the company Zeltiq and involves a controlled cooling technique that gives results within 3 weeks and 2 months.


2) Another option is the cold laser treatment. This option uses a low frequency laser to gently “melt” fat. This fat then naturally drains out of your body through the lymphatic system.


3) Finally, there is Liposonix a non surgical option that uses ultrasound waves just like with the vaser lipo procedure. Through intense highly focused ultrasound waves this procedure destroys fat cells beneath the surface. Usually after a single one hour treatment patients can expect to see a 1 inch reduction in their waist within 8-12 weeks.


This is a basic overview of the non surgical fat reduction and tightening techniques that are appropriate for use on the stomach. But, there are procedures even more specific that can act as a non surgical alternative. Let’s look at two of these.


What Is Laser Tummy Tightening?


Laser tummy tightening is a non-surgical tummy tuck alternative. Currently, there are many different options on the market for laser tummy tightening, but they all use the same basic principles. The one big difference between these is the laser type. There are ablative lasers that remove a portion of the skin’s surface and are commonly used for procedures that involve resurfacing the skin.



The alternative to ablative lasers are non-ablative lasers, which are more common. Non-ablative lasers pass light through the skin straight into deep fat tissue and also provide skin tightening. This type of laser is most commonly used for skin tightening procedures.


– The most common procedures include Titan, LuxIR, GentleYAG, CoolTouch and ReFirme. These procedures work well for fine lines and wrinkles on the face and neck. Email us your details and enter a draw to win $100 in vouchers! But, which one is best for your tummy?


ReFirme is an excellent option for tightening the skin on your stomach because it uses a combination system that has a low frequency non-ablative laser and bi-polar radio frequency energy. This procedure can work on larger areas like the abdomen with minimal heat and pain. This makes it a great option for patients who are sensitive to lasers and heat.


– Another popular choice is Titan, it safely uses non-ablative laser technology to treat a given area. It carefully uses heating and cooling cycles to stimulate collagen production in the middle layer of skin called the dermis. This gentle process does not require any anesthetics and can provides results that last for up to two years.


non surgical tummy tuck

Does The Non-Surgical Tummy Tuck Belt Work?


The simple answer to this question is kind of. The belt claims that the user will benefit in two ways. First, that it will provide a girdle type effect to hold in any excess fat and skin. This portion of the product works very well. However, the second portion of this product, that it burns fat in combination with a special cream, has not proven to be as effective. Although the tummy tuck belt claims to be a great non-surgical tummy tuck alternative there is little proof that it is actually effective.


Reviews And Results


Overall patients are very happy with the results of non-surgical tummy tuck alternatives. The advantages that most patients mention are a shorter recovery time, less pain and discomfort and very quick results. They are very happy with the results. These procedures can be a great way to achieve results similar to surgical procedures without many of the risks inherent to surgery.


The only downside is that the results aren’t always permanent and won’t be as good as surgery. But, it’s a great way to postpone surgery or for younger patients to quickly recover from pregnancy or weight loss. The nice thing about these procedures is that recovery is fairly quick. Most patients will be able to return to normal activities within a few days and will see a complete recovery within a few weeks.


 Average Costs In The USA


While the average cost of a traditional tummy tuck or liposculpture can be well over $5,000. Non surgical tummy tuck options can range between $500 and $2,000, which makes them a fantastic option for those on a budget. As always with liposuction procedures, costs will range depending on your location, the extent of the work to be done and the doctor you choose. Shop around and find a doctor who you feel comfortable with and who is affordable.

Flat Beautiful Abs Are Within Your Reach


Weight loss and exercise can do you wonders, but sometimes you just need a little bit more. Unfortunately, not everyone is willing to undergo surgery. Thankfully you have tons of non-surgical tummy tuck option available to you, so give them a try!

DISCLAIMER: This article is for your basic guidance only. Always consult with your Doctor or a Specialist on everything