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Who Are The Top Tummy Tuck Surgeons in Chicago

tummy tuck chicago

Dieting and exercise are the healthiest ways to lose weight as we all know, however sometimes no matter what you do you can’t seem to shift those problem fat areas or excess skin, and that’s where a tummy tuck in Chicago may be a sensible choice for you.  It is a straightforward and simple procedure that involves removing excess fatty deposits and skin from the patient, to create the desired look they are after, which is in most cases a flatter and tighter stomach.


While it is a simple procedure, there is some healing involved which can take up to 4 weeks for normal movement to feel comfortable and easy, but other than a little bruising and swelling, it’s a relatively pain free recovery process. However it’s worth mentioning that full recovery, to the stage where your abdomen looks and feels untouched by surgery, can take up to a year, but at this stage  you will have a stomach you can be proud of, now lets take a look at our top 3 picks!


1) Otto Joseph Placik, MD


Our first pick is Dr. Otto Joseph Placik, a very popular plastic surgeon in the Chicago area, with a 5.0 star rating from 40 reviews on, a website dedicated to providing resources and information on plastic surgeons in the US. His website is very detailed and expansive, giving you all of the information, and putting it across in a very interactive and easy to comprehend way. The website features 3D animations of all of the surgery he offers, including the tummy tuck, so you can be confident about exactly what the procedure entails. Here’s what you need to know:


– His overall rating, bedside manner, after care follow-up, time spent with patients, the professionalism of the staff, email and phone responsiveness, politeness, waiting time as well as the payment process, are all rated 5/5.


– One customer has said that after meeting several physicians, it’s rare to find one like Dr Placik. He spent an exceptional amount of time answering questions, even questions she hadn’t thought to ask, and making her feel completely comfortable with the procedure before they went ahead to the next step.


– “A very realistic and excellent surgeon” – one customer review


Contact Details:

880 W. Central Road
Suite 3100
Arlington Heights, Illinois 60005
(847) 398-1660

Phone: (847) 220-4682




2) Christopher V. Pelletiere, MD


Dr. Christopher V. Pelletiere is another top rated 5.0 star surgeon with a wealth of reviews on the realself site. His website is a little less ‘flashy’ than our first pick, but sleek and well put together will all the information you could need nonetheless. The website details the procedure or abdominoplasty as it’s otherwise known, fully so that you can know exactly what it entails and hopefully reassure you a little before booking a consultation. Here’s what you need to know:


– The plastic surgery Practice is called Barrington Plastic Surgery LTD, and is run by Dr Christopher V. Pelletiere and Dr. Vincent Pelletiere, who has 29 years of experience behind him. It’s a father/son practice.


– His overall rating, bedside manner, after care follow-up, time spent with patients, the professionalism of the staff, email and phone responsiveness, politeness, waiting time as well as the payment process, are all rated 5/5.


– One patient who had travelled from out of state to consult him said that the he and his clinic were very friendly and helpful. Throughout the consultation, the doctor made sure that the patient was comfortable and gave very honest answers to all the patient’s questions and concerns. The follow ups after the initial consultation were very thorough and he made sure that the patient did not have any unanswered questions. The satisfied patient commented that he would definitely recommend Dr Pelletiere to his family and close friends.


Contact Details:

Barrington Plastic Surgery, Ltd
1602 Colonial Parkway
Inverness, IL 60067


Phone: 847-358-9444




3) Peter E. Johnson, MD


Dr. Peter E. Johnson ha a 4.0 star rating on realself’s medical website, and is the only doctor on our list to offer a free cosmetic consultation. His website is very sleek and professional and will put you at ease. It’s very user friendly and contains a plethora of information on anything you need to know, all easy to find in the well labelled sections of the website. You can browse through the galleries on the site to see examples of tummy tuck procedure’s he has performed and get a feel for the high quality of his work. Here’s what you need to know:


– His overall rating, bedside manners, after care follow-up, time with patients, staff professionalism, email and phone responsiveness, waiting times and ease of payment are all rated 4/5.


– One customer commented that Dr Johnson was exactly what she was looking for. She mentioned how at ease he put her, how easy the whole process was from beginning to end, and how they worked to know exactly what she wanted so she would have the results she could be proud of.


– Several customers referred to him as an “artist”, not just a surgeon.


Contact Details:

8901 W. Golf Road, Suite 204
Des Plaines, Illinois 60016

Phone:  (847) 447-6821


tummy tuck chicago


Cost of Tummy Tuck in Chicago


The average cost of  tummy tuck in Chicago is $8,975. This is slightly higher than the national average price of $7,775; however there is a wealth of excellent and experienced doctors in the Chicago area, so you can be sure what you’re paying extra for is the extra quality.


The surgeons listed here are the best at what they do, so perhaps after booking your consultations expect the price to be towards the higher end of the $8,975 figure, and see this as a good sign that you’re paying for and getting the best treatment possible, one that is of a higher standard than in many other areas.


Final Thoughts…


Chicago is an excellent place to be if you’re seeking an excellent tummy tuck surgeon. The plastic surgeons of Chicago are well rated, easy to contact, and highly skilled, so you can be sure you’re going to walk away with the results you feel completely satisfied with. It also can’t be stressed enough how important it is to feel at ease and well looked after both before, during and after your surgery, and this was at the forefront of our minds whilst picking these top 3 doctors.

While this isn’t serious surgery, it’s fairly straightforward and performed 1000s of times daily around the world by doctors, it’s nonetheless a physical trauma to your body and your psychological wellbeing during this time can’t be overlooked, and that’s why we also took into account the personable nature of these doctors, their bedside manner, their need to adhere to their patients needs.


DISCLAIMER: This article is for your basic guidance only. Always consult with your Doctor or a Specialist on everything