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Average Velashape Cost and What You Get for it

velashape cost

Velashape is a non-surgical procedure that has been shown to be useful for body reshaping and cellulite reduction in all areas of the body, but the velashape cost can vary dramatically across the US. It can be part of a liposuction package or used as a non-invasive alternative that will improve the appearance and texture of your skin. Velashape has been effectively used as an FDA approved medical device to help shape and reduce the appearance of fat deposits in people’s thighs, buttocks, love handles, abdomen, and underarms.

As with any other medical procedure there are several factors that influence the costs associated with Velashape. Taking some time to understand these factors will help you to get the safest and most cost effective treatment options available to you.

How does it work?

Velashape utilizes light energy to create heat that helps facilitate the increase of oxygen levels. This increase in oxygen helps to break down fat and smooth the outer texture of the skin. Most Velashape treatments last from 30-50 minutes and yield the most noticeable results after 3-5 sessions. With the costs per session varying from $100-$500, it is important to spend some time to research so that you can reduce the cost without reducing the effectiveness.

velashape cost

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Getting the best results for the Velashape prices!

The best results with Velashape are realized with 6 treatments spaced equally over 6 weeks. By giving a consistent dose of energy and allowing the body enough time to heal the results are increased. Make sure that you also maintain a healthy lifestyle with optimal nutrition and exercise so that you can extend the results and minimize the velashape prices you have to pay. It doesn’t make much sense to spend the time and money on the velashape costs unless you plan it properly, combining it with an overall healthy lifestyle.

For optimal results it is recommended to repeat this cycle of 6 treatments every 3-6 months, which although not necessary if you can afford the costs involved at this interval it will maintain your desired effect for as long as you need.

Average Velashape Cost

Like liposuction costs, the typical velashape cost can vary widely across the US with the National average coming in around $300 per session. There has been a reported range of $100-$500 and this is dictated by the location of the facility, the area of the body that is going to be treated, the condition of the treatment area and what kind of deals or discounts that are offered.

Realizing that a treatment course consists of 5-10 sessions most facilities offer package deals. The National average for a whole course of Velashape treatment is about $2000 for the initial series of treatments.

Velashape Side Effects

There are a few side effects that are commonly reported and have more to do with the technicians than the procedure itself. The reported velashape side effects include:

These are the more common velashape side effects but the cases of burning are caused by the technicians that aren’t properly trained or not being careful.


Velashape is an effective treatment for cellulite and body shaping that is used by people every day all across the US. With the treatment costs varying so drastically from $1200-$3500 per series of treatments it is advised that you research the various facilities in your area and scour for deals or packages. Realize that it takes at least 4 sessions to notice results and to justify the velashape cost you have incurred.

DISCLAIMER: This article is for your guidance only. Always consult with your Doctor or a Specialist on everything.