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Types of Water Liposuction

water liposuction


The power of water can be used to shape and sculpt the body using water liposuction techniques. Using the principle of water bodies like rivers and streams that shape our environment, several water assisted liposuction procedures have been cleverly devised to remove unwanted fat from the body with the minimum of invasiveness, faster recovery and very little discomfort. Compared to traditional and laser assisted liposuction methods, water based lipo treatments minimize swelling, reduce the use of tumescent fluid and shorten the duration of the procedures.


Popular Water Assisted Techniques

Currently there are three leading water assisted liposuction brand names that are more prevalent than others. How each of them works is briefly discussed below:

1.      Body-Jet ®

Body-jet® from human med® is a ground breaking technique that used the delicate strength of water-jet assisted lipoplasty (WAL), which is an impressively recent approach to lipoplasty. In contrast to standard liposuction, the body-jet® procedure uses a fan shaped laminar soft jet of water to stimulate and take out extra body fat while simultaneously avoiding the surrounding tissues, nerves and blood vessels. This delicate parting of unwanted fat cells from its connecting tissue reduced any trauma caused to the patient.

2.      Aqualipo®

Aqualipo® is another progressive water liposuction technique that also uses the power of water to softly purge away excessive fat. This process relies upon the use of very highly concentrated water to lightly separate and clear away the fat cells. Using the power of water jets, the fat cells are detached from their connective tissues with a very low force compared to traditional lipo. This significantly reduced any trauma to the surrounding areas, tissues, skin, nerves etc. The recovery and downtime following an aqualipo® treatment is considerably low and any swelling or bruising in very minimal.

3.      Waterlipo™

Waterlipo™ is the latest in water assisted liposuction treatments. Often done without the use of general anesthesia, it is safer and less traumatic that traditional liposuctions and laser lipo procedures. Very small incisions are made across the targeted body area to inject the local anesthetic. Following this a straw shaped cannula is inserted into the incisions and on its tip, water is sprayed out in 360 degrees. The process comprises of using the delicately flowing stream of water to split the fat from its tissues and is then lightly washed out of the body. Waterlipo procedures clear out fat much more effectively that most standard lipo and laser lipo techniques and is almost pain free. The treatment has been done in Europe for many years now, particularly in Germany where it was first introduced.


Average Costs of Water Liposuction

The average cost of water liposuctions depends on:

·         The number of body areas being treated

·         The amount of excess body fat being removed

·         Duration of the procedure and the time and skills of the surgeon performing it

·         Any additional equipments needed

·         Extra lab tests

Procedures start at around $1500 and the top end treatments can cost near to $5000. These prices usually include your surgeon consultation, any physicals and medical history assessments done, your compression clothing and most aftercare.

Whichever water liposuction technique you choose eventually, in the hands of an experienced surgeon with a high safety record, you will get near painless and highly satisfactory results and be back on your feet in very little time.

DISCLAIMER: This article is for your basic guidance only. Always consult with your Doctor or a Specialist on everything.